Rituals and Wisdom Circles


Rituals are a meaningful and sacred way to pay tribute to transitions—name changes, divorces, ending a job, starting a new one, adoptions, breakups, loss, miscarriage, gender-affirming surgeries, etc. Crafting personalized rituals to help you honor significant juncture is one of my favorite creative acts. Do you have a noteworthy life change on your horizon? I encourage you not to let it pass by unmarked and unheeded. If you would like assistance designing a ritual that can energetically help you move through experiences such as grief, celebration, letting go, finding closure, opening to new possibility, etc. contact me and together we can design a ceremony uniquely tailored to you. With tools like Zoom we can easily incorporate friends from around the globe into your ritual, or we can plan for a more private occasion.

Wisdom Circle

Are you in a time of discernment? Perhaps trying to figure out how to handle a specific challenge at work or at home or perhaps you don’t know whether to leave a situation or stay put. It would be my honor to host a Wisdom Circle on your behalf, in which we gather together some of your trusted friends, and in a Quaker-style discernment process I help facilitate an experience in which you are deeply heard. You will emerge from a Wisdom Circle feeling more empowered and clear.


Let's work together to honor your life transitions and wise decision making. To get started with a ritual or initiating a Wisdom Circle, contact me.
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