Dream Circle

Women’s Dream Circle: Starting January 2021

Interpreting your dreams might sound kind of hokey if you haven’t done it before, but I’ve learned so much from my dreams! Think of it like this: at night your conscious self goes to sleep which allows for your unconscious to speak to you. But the unconscious speaks in the language of symbols and image and story, so you have to learn the language before you can understand what your dreams are saying to you. Once you start to get a feel for it, the dream world is a window into your psyche. Being a part of dream circle is such a rich way to explore the hidden insights of your dreams!


If you want to give it a try, I invite you to join me for a six-week dream circle, hosted by me via Zoom, beginning in January. Deadline to sign up is January 8. The day and time of weekly meetings will be determined by the group, and the cost to participate is $95 for six weeks. ($15 reserves your spot, the rest is due week one.) Fill out my contact form in order to sign up.

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