Preacher Breath
A collection of sermons and essays by Rev. Kyndall Rae Rothaus
"The ancient prophets and teachers of Israel were poets . . . Who ever used language with more care than they? Who ever more completely allowed the precision and rhythms of language to become their truth as well as its vehicle? Who ever taught us more persuasively than they always, when in sacred conversation, to yearn for the the beauty of the nuance and the gripping power of the ordinary turned to holy use? Who ever, indeed? Yet Kyndall Rothaus has understood these things since the first moments of her call to ministry. Preacher Breath is in part the story of that understanding, and in part, it is the proof of it. Enter these pages with expectation. You will not be disappointed."

- Phyllis Tickle

Founding Editor of the Religion Department at Publishers Weekly
Author of The Great Emergence and The Age of the Spirit

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