Conviction and Courage

As a preaching coach, I help the preacher get in touch with their authentic self so that they might use their God-given voice effectively and creatively. I encourage preachers to be led by conviction and courage in a way that is genuine, humble, and brave so that the preaching task becomes joyful and satisfying. Rather than applying a cookie cutter formula to the work of preaching, I pay deep attention to the individual gifting and wisdom of each preacher, coaxing the light within each soul to shine brighter and brighter from his or her pulpit.

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Package: $495 (includes five sessions, feedback on five sermons, plus edits in advance on two

Per Session: $110 (includes detailed feedback on a sermon plus a one hour conversation)


“Kyndall is uniquely equipped as a renowned preacher and spiritual director to offer exemplary coaching. Of course she offered priceless technical advice about pacing, transitions, and delivery, but the most exhilarating part of working with her entailed mining the depths from which I speak. From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and Kyndall’s super-power is guiding the preacher into the place of the heart to find authenticity and synchrony between lived experience and proclaimed message. It didn’t just make my sermons better. It made them honest. Anyone who has preached consistently knows how essential and difficult it can be to continue to be vulnerable and honest week after week. Working with Kyndall supplied me with fresh reserves to do just that. Her companionship as a coach provided more than mere accountability; she provided inspiration and facilitated a connection to the Spirit of Christ and creativity within me.”  -Jakob Topper, client