Soul of

With Rev. Kyndall Rae Rothaus

The Why

Preaching can be daunting. Sometimes you stand up to preach on a Sunday morning, and you don’t know if anyone is listening. You wonder if your words matter. Or midway through delivery, you realize you are boring yourself.

Maybe the worry hits harder midweek. Sunday is coming fast (yet again!) and you fear you won’t have anything to say. Inspiration, preparation, and evaluation are all up to you, and you’re not always sure you’re up to the task. You’re supposed to offer wisdom and insight on behalf of God, which feels like a pretty important thing to get right. You might feign confidence, but wonder if you’re doing it wrong.

I get it. Talking about the Great Mystery that is God week after week in front of an audience is challenging. But what if you could transform the way you preach, infusing every week with creativity, authenticity, confidence? What if you woke up excited to preach, and what if connecting with your people was more of a guarantee and less of a gamble?

What if transforming the way you preach wasn’t actually all that difficult or time-consuming? What if better preaching was actually easier?

My special magic is the ability to make preaching come alive. Join the Soul of Preaching Project, and we’ll transform the sermon from a sometimes dry and dreaded task into a joyful vehicle for your voice and artistry.

The What

Four months of:

  • Transformative coaching
  • Rich camaraderie with peers
  • Mastermind workshopping
  • One-of-a-kind teaching
  • Creativity-sparking exercises

The When

The second and fourth Tuesday of the month
Starting January 11, 2022.
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CST
Four-month enrollment required


*Limited Sponsorship opportunities available

*All participants will receive a signed copy of Kyndall's first book: Preacher Breath


“Kyndall is uniquely equipped as a renowned preacher and spiritual director to offer exemplary coaching. Of course she offered priceless technical advice about pacing, transitions, and delivery, but the most exhilarating part of working with her entailed mining the depths from which I speak. From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, and Kyndall’s super- power is guiding the preacher into the place of the heart to find authenticity and synchrony between lived experience and proclaimed message. It didn’t just make my sermons better. It made them honest. Anyone who has preached consistently knows how essential and difficult it can be to continue to be vulnerable and honest week after week. Working with Kyndall supplied me with fresh reserves to do just that. Her companionship as a coach provided more than mere accountability; she provided inspiration and facilitated a connection to the Spirit of Christ and creativity within me.”
Rev. Jakob Topper, client
"Before Kyndall’s sermons, I would bolt upright, take deep breaths, drop my defenses, and relax to let in the deeper truth we were about to hear and feel."
Philip Smith, Former Congregant

Soul of Preaching Project
- PLUS -

Four Month Preaching Cohort

Private Facebook Group

Signed Copy of Kyndall's Book:
Preacher Breath


Four Private Coaching Sessions with Kyndall

Soul of Preaching Project

Four Month Preaching Cohort

Private Facebook Group

Signed Copy of Kyndall's Book:
Preacher Breath

Four Private Coaching Sessions with Kyndall

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