What is Spiritual Direction?

Holy Listening.

As a director, I approach clients with reverence, trust, and the deep belief that the wisdom you need is already inside you. My role is to help you access your inner wisdom. I listen for your soul’s truth and assist you in hearing it too.

Soul-Oriented and Inclusive.

I began my own career as a Christian (Baptist) pastor in a theologically progressive setting after growing up in a fundamentalist evangelical setting, so I am well-suited to work with Christians and post-Christians, but I also work with people of any faith tradition or no faith. As long as your desire is to find and follow your authentic path and do the inner work necessary to become the truest version of yourself, we can likely find some common ground. One of my goals is to help you foster your own unique connection with the divine.


My specific areas of research and interest are religious trauma, feminist spirituality, mystical traditions, and the intersections of systemic oppression and soul work. I have experience working with survivors of domestic, sexual, and religious abuse, the LGBTQ community, marginalized populations, and children. I also love to walk alongside people who are undergoing a faith crisis or spiritual awakening (which are often different names for the same thing).

The Session.

A typical session is one hour long. We often begin and end in silence, although I can make adjustments as needed, especially if silence is new or uncomfortable for you. At our first session I will tell you a little bit about myself and ask you to tell me about yourself. I will explain my practice of spiritual direction more fully, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. If we both discern that we would like to keep meeting, we will schedule further sessions. At subsequent sessions, I will ask questions along the way, but ultimately you set the agenda. What matters most is what you bring to the session.

Kyndall is completing her spiritual direction certification through The Haden Institute, which specializes in the Jungian Mystical tradition. She has a Masters of Divinity from Baylor University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from Southern Nazarene University. She has spent ten years as minister, first as a chaplain to college students, then as Senior Pastor of churches in San Antonio and Waco. She was ordained in 2011.



Spiritual Direction for Adults
One hour session.
Cost per session: $65 (or sliding scale)

Spiritual Direction for Children
30 minute session.
First Session: Free
Additional Session: $30 (or sliding scale)


Unity Spiritual Center of Waco
400 First Street
Hewitt, TX 76643

*Long-distance sessions via video chat also available

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