Thy Queendom Come
Breaking Free From the Patriarchy to Save Your Soul

This book is about Queendom, a feminist reimagining of the Kingdom of God in which everyone has a seat at the table. Hierarchy is replaced with a reign of love, celebration of the Divine Feminine is reawakened, women’s voices and stories are valued, truth-telling is revered, soul work is essential to activism, Mary’s life-bearing act is a salvific symbol, and ancestral goddess worship reemerges from the ashes of its martyrdom.

Both richly spiritual and deeply theological, Thy Queedom Come: Breaking Free from the Patriarchy to Save Your Soul blends stories about Kyndall’s life as woman, as female clergy, as recovering daughter of Southern evangelicalism with sharp feminist-critical reading of Scripture making for a soul deepening, heart expanding, mind stretching read.

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