Reverend Kyndall Rae Rothaus, MDiv is a spiritual guide, preacher, poet, author, and feminist theologian. She enjoys working alongside people on the margins of church and society, and she is particularly interested in religious trauma, feminist spirituality, ritual and embodiment, soul work, and dismantling the patriarchy.

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Thy Queendom Come: Breaking Free From the Patriarchy to Save Your Soul, Kyndall Rae Rothaus

This book is about Queendom, a feminist reimagining of the Kingdom of God in which everyone has a seat at the table. Hierarchy is replaced with a reign of love, celebration of the Divine Feminine is reawakened, women’s voices and stories are valued, truth-telling is revered, soul work is essential to activism, Mary’s life-bearing act is a salvific symbol, and ancestral goddess worship reemerges from the ashes of its martyrdom.

Both richly spiritual and deeply theological, Thy Queedom Come: Breaking Free from the Patriarchy to Save Your Soul blends stories about Kyndall’s life as woman, as female clergy, as recovering daughter of Southern evangelicalism with sharp feminist-critical reading of Scripture making for a soul deepening, heart expanding, mind stretching read.


Nevertheless She Preached

Celebrating the voices of women in the pulpit

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Discovering Wholeness

A collaborative podcast about healing trauma and unearthing self.
A project of Kyndra Frazier, Kyndall Rothaus, Gillian Drader, and Good Faith Media.

“I hope everyone who listens to our podcast walks away with a better understanding of trauma, feeling like their own wounds and scars have been seen and tended to with loving attention as well as feeling more equipped to tend well to the wounds and scars of others.” - Kyndall

Spiritual Guidance Online

As a spirituality consultant for women, clergy, and the queer community, I assist seekers in accessing and trusting their inner wisdom. If you've experienced disillusionment with religion or disappointment in church, I offer a safe and sacred container for you to dive beneath the wounds to foster or reignite your own authentic connection to the Divine and restore the vitality of your soul. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the distance between us, spiritual guidance is now primarily offered online via video chat. After the pandemic, some in person spiritual guidance can be offered for local folks.
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